Artist Deb Wace (L) and Minister for the Arts Elise Archer (R) at the launch of the instrument. Credit: Richard Jupe

Meet our instrument

Our harpsichord was commissioned from Dutch maker Titus Crijnen. Built in his workshop in Sabinãn (Spain) in 2022, using historical techniques, it is a replica of a grand ravelement instrument built in 1624 by the Ruckers family. 

Made in the Flemish style, it features a double manual, with a range from FF-f3 . It has two 8’ registers plus a 4’ buff stop.

It was commissioned with generous donations from 45 donors - we thank them for their support. 

The artwork on the sound board is hand-painted by Juan Granados, and the exterior case artwork is by Elena Felipe. The interior lid artwork was commissioned from nipaluna/Hobart botanical artist, Deborah Wace, to reflect the flora of the instrument’s island home. The stunning artwork was installed in August 2023 by master printer Simon Olding at Full Gamut. It features 33 botanical elements, many native to lutruwita/Tasmania, and some extinct. The border features the Fagus leaf, lutruwita/Tasmania's only deciduous species. Full details of each of the species can be viewed here