Credit: Caleb Miller

Extraordinary music requires extraordinary instruments.

Thanks to our donors, we have a magnificent harpsichord and chamber organ, both funded entirely by private donations.

But the one essential instrument in our line-up that we don’t have, and need your help to buy, is the one allegedly favoured by angels:


Not Harpo Marx’s harp; the big one with the pedals you’ll see sometimes with orchestras, the so-called ‘modern’ chromatic concert harp. Instead, this is the Baroque version: the triple harp. Not just one row of strings, but three parallel rows making 88 strings in all, most of them gut. And – no pedals! Click on the video below to watch an introduction to the triple harp by Baroque harp virtuoso Andrew Lawrence-King.


Right now we’re having one built by one of the great makers of historic harps, Rainer Thurau in Germany. It’ll be a copy of one featured in a 1619 painting by Zampieri, and therefore bears that artist’s name. 

We have been incredibly fortunate to have been supported by many generous individuals in the past and we are again turning to our community to enable our next purchase. 

Call it a heavenly investment – and a tax deductible one at that.

As a guide to your consideration, suggested donations for the various components of the instrument are:

TINKLE - up to $100
There are 14 high carbon strings. Your donation will be directed to their purchase, or if you donate $100, you will own the string outright. No need to pop out for a Tinkle!

Towards the 69 gut strings in the main part of the instrument. This is where most of the finger action happens.

For the 5 contrabass strings made from catsteel (gut with a spiral of stainless steel). These give the instrument its ‘kick’ – and hopefully, plenty of bang for your bucks.

FRAME DONORS - $5,000 or above 
The three main sections of the frame – the front column, overhead arm and wide rear soundboard - are carved from rare flamed maple. Frame Donors will be acknowledged as supporting one of those frame sections - and as a mark of our gratitude, we'll organise a small private recital on the instrument for you and your friends at a place of your choosing (a large loungeroom is good!).  

Total cost of the harp manufacture, materials, packing, freight to Australia and GST on entry is $50,000.

Any donation at all will be gratefully accepted and is every bit as important in pushing us toward acquiring what promises to be an exquisite instrument. As Van Diemen’s Band is a DGR (deductible gift recipient) your donation will be acknowledged with a receipt that will validate your claim to the ATO for a tax deduction.

Your stake in the harp will be displayed on an accompanying banner on public display whenever the triple harp is used in our concerts, as well as listed permanently on our website (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

Thankyou to everyone who has donated to the campaign so far!

There are 3 easy ways to donate to VDB's Harp Campaign:

1. ONLINE- follow this link to donate online securely and quickly

2. Via DIRECT DEPOSIT from your bank account into:

Van Diemen’s Band Public Fund
BSB: 037 001
Acc No: 704674

Make sure you send us an email at so we can match your transaction to our records and send you a tax receipt.

3. By CHEQUE to:

Van Diemen’s Band Public Fund
Postal address: 17 Clegg Rd
Fern Tree TAS 7054

Make sure you send us an email at or include your details with your cheque to inform us of your details so we can send you a tax receipt.